Helvetica Font

Helvetica Font

Helvetica is one of the most recognisable and widely used typefaces in the history of modern typography. Originally called Neue Haas Grotesk, it was designed by Swiss designers Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann in 1957. Helvetica became one of the most popular typefaces of the mid-20th century.

Designers also loved this typeface and made it almost infinitely adaptable for all kinds of projects. Some of the most recognisable uses of Helvetica can be seen on US tax forms, EU warnings about tobacco products. In addition, brands such as American Airlines, BMW, Sears, Microsoft, Panasonic, Target and Verizon have also used the Helvetica Font.

Helvetica Font has also been widely used in road and railway signs from the UK and the USA to Japan and South Korea, and in the publications of many countries.

Helvetica, a font about which a film has been made, has been seen everywhere in software, applications and websites since the beginning of the digital age.

Helvetica Font is a licensed and paid font. That’s why we’ve put together a list of such free alternative fonts in the list below, all of which provide the clear, uncomplicated features of Helvetica.

Free Helvetica Font Alternatives

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