Arimo Font

Arimo Font
Arimo Font, stands out as a font preferred by designers, web designers, developers, many financial and investment institutions, healthcare organisations, technology, lawyers, education and insurance companies.

Steve Mattheson’s Arimo was designed as a new approach to the Arial Font and is used as a very good alternative font to Helvetica.

Arimo Font has a slightly longer letterform than Helvetica. Beware if you want to use a lighter weight – Arimo does not have a lighter weight than the normal weight (pictured above).

Arimo was created by Steve Matteson as an innovative, fresh sans serif design and style that is metrically compatible with Arial™. Arimo solves the needs of developers looking for width-compatible fonts to address enhanced on-screen readability and document portability across platforms.

What’s available: 4 weights + italics; also available as a variable font.