Fonseca Font

Fonseca Font, stands out as a font preferred by designers, web designers, developers, many financial and investment institutions, healthcare organisations, technology, lawyers, education and insurance companies.

Fonseca Font is a modern sans serif inspired by art deco and typography posters in the early 20th century. The key to this all-caps family is simple straight geometric forms and modernized letterforms.

The modernized retro-look makes this family great to present any content related to travel, history & culture in the present/modern way. This display family is perfect for headlines, posters, logos, branding projects, magazines, and packaging.

What’s included:

  • Fonseca Thin.otf
  • Fonseca Thin Oblique.otf
  • Fonseca Light.otf
  • Fonseca Light Oblique.otf
  • Fonseca Regular.otf
  • Fonseca Regular Oblique.otf
  • Fonseca Medium.otf
  • Fonseca Medium Oblique.otf
  • Fonseca Bold.otf
  • Fonseca Bold Oblique.otf
  • Fonseca ExtraBold.otf
  • Fonseca ExtraBold Oblique.otf
  • Fonseca Black.otf
  • Fonseca Black Oblique.otf
  • Fonseca ExtraBlack.otf
  • Fonseca ExtraBlack Oblique.otf


  • 345 glyphs
  • Stylistic alternates for letter ‘O’ and ‘E’
  • Special ligatures: LA LE LI LO LU
  • Supported Languages: Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Pan African Latin

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Fonseca Font

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