Bw Surco Font

Bw Surco Font
Bw Surco Font, stands out as a font preferred by designers, web designers, developers, many financial and investment institutions, healthcare organisations, technology, lawyers, education and insurance companies.

Bw Surco Font is a fresh and optimistic humanist sans serif with hand-stroke cues. Its soft, rounded shapes, balanced x-height, and the contrast between the Romans and the true italics, all build towards a very practical font family with a friendly and spontaneous personality.

Humanist san serifs are typefaces that are calligraphic in nature. Unlike other sans serifs, they are with higher stroke contrast, and generally the best choice for long reading and small texts.
Bw Surco is a soft, optimistic, and fresh humanist sans serif. The rounded shapes, balanced x-height, and the contrast between the true italics and Romans all gear towards a practical type family with a friendly personality. There are 12 styles available and it supports every Cyrillic and European Latin language, with stylistic variations for Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian. It features OTFs like lining style, old figures, case-sensitive forms, or fractions.

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